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Here we go!

posted May 1, 2013, 9:06 AM by Jeff Brewer
Hi Everyone,
The 2013 season is officially underway. We've added two new teams for this year and have an number of new members pitching. I would like to welcome you all and ask our existing members help them out as much as possible.  As a reminder, all players must currently be an NHPA member or have submitted your application in order to pitch. We have not been able to ascertain current NHPA status from our state board and as such will be asking each player to bring their 2013 NHPA card with you by the end of the third week of pitching.
We completed a couple of projects  during our work parties this spring improving our grounds. My thanks to all of you that participated in the work parties. 
Our new league Secretary, Steven Smigiel, has been working long and hard to get up to speed on his duties. Steve has developed our 13 team schedule, added new features to the website and has been busy communicating to our state board on a number of issues.  Again please do everything you can to help Steve out  and stay patient as he resolves any problems that we might encounter.  Pay particular attention to the new, two-sided, score sheet we are using this year.  My sincerest thanks to Steve for the great job he has done so far!