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Closing Up the Horseshoe Facility

posted Aug 11, 2013, 7:18 AM by Jeff Brewer
Hello Captains,
I received a troubling call last Wednesday night while on vacation. At roughly 10:30 pm I was informed that the lights were on at the pits and the doors to both sheds were open. Thankfully the Permitte at the Legion informed a league member of this and closed things up as best she could.
As a reminder to all, the last two teams to complete pitching are responsible for disconnecting the water hose, closing /locking up the sheds and turning off the lights. This is one of the reasons each team captain is issued a key to the shed. Yes, typically either the league secretary or myself takes care of this since we're waiting to collect scoresheets and have a general sense of responsibility to wrap things up. If we're not there, then as team captains you need to assume the responsibilty. I don't know who the last teams pitching last week were but I hope that this type of irresponsible act doesn't happen again.