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posted May 19, 2016, 10:35 AM by steven smigiel
We had a lot of people pitching below average the first night. Some people were 8-15 points off their last year average. This makes for wild swings in the handicaps in the beginning of the season! You start the new season with your handicap and your average from the previous season, and they ONLY affect week one of the new season! Your average of night one determines your handicap for week two. Your season average from that point determines your handicap. The more numbers that go into determining your average make it move less toward the end of the season. We determine your handicap by subtracting your current season average from "scratch" which is set at 65. Then we multiply that number by .9. If we didn't set "scratch" at 65 we might run into a "negative" handicap. We also use 90% of your "handicap" from scratch because there is a diminishing value of having a high handicap. You can always view your season numbers on the website and calculate your handicap yourself.